ISMI Springs

Integrated Systems Management, Incorporated was founded by Marc Cosat. Marc spent six years with World Class Pistols, teaming with George Huening to create some of the most innovative and successful competition pistols and accessories available to shooters. During this time their pistols won every major championship: the IPSC World Championship, USPSA National Championship, the Bianchi Cup, the Masters, Steel Challenge, USPSA 3 Gun Championship, European IPSC Championship, etc. With this success at the highest levels of competition, one truth was realized: If the springs did not perform properly, it did not matter who built the pistol, how accurate the pistol was, or who pulled the trigger; the pistol and shooter could not function up to their full potential. Your firearm is simply a mechanical device comprised of numerous parts or sub-systems. Working together they form an integrated system; the functioning of this system is managed by springs. The role of the springs is integrated systems management.
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